MIGLĖ began in Berlin in 2018, offering unique, made-to-order jewellery for daily and fantastic occasions. Founded by a graphic designer-turned-goldsmith, the label is distinguished by a rich visual language inspired by currents in art and design. The non-gender-specific pieces are a material translation of this conceptual language: single earrings appear as doubled; globe symbols are tilted in an homage to typography; hands fasten chains, referencing the functionality of a bracelet; precious metal is melted and warped into rings – revealing the contingency of the material properties themselves. The complexity of the construction hides behind a seemingly simple appearance, surprising the viewer into a second glance. The importance of visual presentation of MIGLĖ compositions is obvious from the label’s collaborations with fellow artists, in which the pieces are given life beyond their wearability. MIGLĖ follows an independent release schedule, not bound by the standard AW/SS cycle.


**We’re moving!**
You’ll soon be able to visit us at our new studio in
Koloniestraße 29
13359 Berlin



Nale PR – Leanna Thomas


MOEON – Schonleinstrasse 10, 10967 Berlin
V2 Concept Store – T. Sevcenkos g. 16i, 03111 Vilnius
MO Museum – Pylimo g. 17, 01141 Vilnius
HHV Urban Fashion and Records – hhv.de
Up and Coming Berlin – upandcoming.market
Live at Robert Johnson – liveatrobertjohnson.com
Staiy sustainable fashion – staiy.com
Itsapark – itsapark.com

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Graphic identity: Eloise Harris
Typeface: Asfalt by Dinamo
Web development: Maxwell Simmer

Friends and collaborators

Justinas Vilutis
Marina Hoppmann
Philippe Gerlach
Robert Janes
Alejandra Ruiz-Zorrilla
In’n’Out Fragrances
Gabriele Miseikyte
Drew Lint
Max Pietro Hoffmann
Hanzer Liccini
Marie Dommenget
Gedvile Tamosiunaite

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